Looking for new hires

We are a vastly growing company with contracts on the rise. The company is growing rapidly. The potential for becoming one of the largest gaming companies. We are very dedicated to our employees and their families, so the company has been built around family values. Because of this our output has grown.
We are searching for a wide range of positions due to the massive expansion of the company. Employees are paid a % of profit based on experience and dedication.

We need several programmers with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL...HTML5 skills.

An online Marketer for a management position with a proven track record. We also need more Marketers to assist the manager.

A legal Adviser with knowledge in international law.

Graphic Artists that can do free hand drawings and has knowledge of photo shop or an equivalent program.

Personnel Assistants, Must be able to work with people and be punctual in reports.

Designers, must be able to build websites and user interfaces.

3d graphic specialist, these people will be responsible for creating small animations for various games.
Please send a resume to our Personnel Manager monie@blackfeathersproductions.com

Please list the position or positions you
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