[link=]Concatenation [/link]is pretty much the addition of strings. This is frequently used in many programs and also a very simple concept.

Here is an example:
1. Open a new project
2. Add one button and two textboxes
3. Double click your button and add this code:
[code] Dim strOne As String
Dim strTwo As String
strOne = TextBox1.Text
strTwo = TextBox2.Text

MessageBox.Show(strOne & " " & strTwo)[/code]

-If you didn't know dim is the same thing as "define" it defines your variables. We defined two different strings here (strOne and strTwo).
-We then set each string equal to a textbox. It is set to textbox1/2.TEXT because you are setting it equal to what was entered into the textbox.
-After defining variables we use (pretty much a pop up which you can add extra functions but I will not use those) and we are making it show strOne, a space, and strTwo.
-Notice we use the ampersand (&). This is what you use to connect any variable with anything in quotes. We connect what ever strOne is equal to, a space (between quotes is the space), and what ever strTwo is equal to.
-Run your application (F5) and enter "Hello" in the first textbox and "Bob" in the second. click your button and a messagebox should pop up saying "Hello Bob"

Mess around with random uses like this until you get the hang of it. Then keep moving forward in your Visual Basic Career :P

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