NEED: Tangent basis calculator plugins for Xnormal

I'm a 3d modeler that uses Xnormal to generate normal maps. I'm looking for a C++ programmer who can help me with this.

[QUOTE]"The problem is that when you generate a Tangent space normal map using a program and you use it in other , the tangent space must match.

Each application uses a different method to compute the tangent space. There's no "standard" really. Each programs does its own optimizations and that will affect the final TS.

Using a C++ programmer you can match the tangent basis via ITangentBasisCalculator or IMeshImporter.[/QUOTE]

I need several tangent basis calculator plugins for Xnormal.

Unreal Engine 3 Tangent Basis Calculator
Cry Engine 2 Tangent Basis Calculator
Marmoset Tangent Basis Calculator
Maya Tangent Basis Calculator
Max Tangent Basis Calculator

These dark patches are what happens when the tangent basis of the renderer doesn't match the tangent basis the normal map was generated from:

I'm not sure how much work it would be.. but I really need this badly, willing to pay through paypal if its alot of work.
Definitely check out the Xnormal site for SDK and other info about Xnormal [url][/url]
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