SOAP Compression activating GZIP

yet i'am a newbie here and much unupdated.
i wanted to confirm many things about SOAP:

i'am on research of these case to deal with some compression in certain algorithm. the SOAP were issued with the capability of GZIP compression. the GZip activation is merely on the transport.http.HTTPConstans

did it truly works on it?

in other case, can we break down the GZIP algorithm to LZ78 that come up to SOAP compression?

yet i'am still haven't answer for this problem.


  • SOAP messages generated by both the sforce API client and the sforce API service can become very large. In the case of mobile devices on slow connections, this issue is magnified. Because increasing client performance capabilities is often much cheaper and easier than increasing network bandwidth, performing pre- and post-processing of SOAP messages to reduce their size is a reasonable solution.
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