How to write a tool for changing video mode under DOS?

Hi All,I never developed program by using Assmbly, but now I need a tool for changing video mode under dos. I know how to change video mode under dos by using debug.exe tool, it's very very simple.
For example, change video mode to 800x600/8bpp:
mov ax,32 ;AH=00h, change video mode; AL=32, 800x600/8bpp
int 10
int 3
But how to write a program by using Assmbly?
Thanks for your help!


  • There are many assemblers like TASM, MASM, and NASM, but you should try NASM. It's free.

    To write a program, you create a text file with your assembly commands. To compile, there are two different ways of compiling:

    nasm program.asm
    ren program

    nasm program.asm -o
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