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Well I know this is the off site/off topic area but there's really no "lounge" for a meet and greet in here so I'll start with Hello :)
My name is Jaide, I'm a very small fish in a very big ocean of programmers. I know lots of HTML, a tid bit of CSS and some Java. I'm more into graphics but all in all I love to program a good simple web page from scratch. Thing is I joined here so I could learn some of the basics so I could better my knowledge. Last few places I got screamed at for posting and asking for help... I am TOTALLY new... wet behind the ears and have NO clue where to start. I want to learn more about networking, programming within a network (told Microsoft 2000-2007) and MySql is a necessity if I want to get further in my job. I currently work for Logitech but I'm just a low end techie who knows how to fix cameras...along with other things (big woopie!) but being a green horn has it's major set backs... I can't afford the 150 K education and I don't have time to go to school... so I've been teaching myself as much as I can on my own... long and the short of it is I have NO idea where to start... where to go and what to look for... so I joined here as I was told this was one of the best places to go. So can anyone help? or is anyone willing to take an infant wanna be programmer under their wings and show them where to start?
I'd appreciate any advice and or links, info and or direction so I can get myself started.

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