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I am Roger. I would like to share with you about "SERP". SERP, short for "Search Engine Results Page", is the listing of results on search engines in relation to a query using one or more keywords that a user has entered. The pages of results that you will see are the SERPs.

Simple - using the form on the right, simply enter the URL of your website, as well as the keyword(s) that you would like to check your positioning for.Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is an extremely important factor of the success of any website. There are a large number of methods that a webmaster can increase the SERP Ranking of their websites, such as building backlinks, on-page SEO Techniques, and many others.

We are currently preparing a range of useful articles, in which you will find a range of useful information, tips and suggestions for improving your websites SERP Ranking. We will be updating and adding to the SEO tools on our website.

The First part of any successful search engine optimization campaign, is to fully optimize all the parts of your website to get a high keyword density for your keywords.

[B]1) [U]Keywords in the URL:[/U][/B] Using keywords in your URL's can have a big effect on search engine rankings, yet it's rarely tested by keyword analyzer tools. If your site is already built, this can be more difficult, as you have to make sure you change any internal links to the page to the new URL.

[B]2) [U]Title Tag:[/U][/B] The HTML title tag is ranked highly for keyword relevance, so it's a great place to have keywords, but use them logically - don't have a list of all your keywords, add one or two into the title naturally, and try to vary them from one page of the site to another.

[B]3) [U]Heading Tag:[/U][/B] HTML headings - which are meant to be used to highlight various titles on web pages, which means they are often used to describe the content on the pages.

[B]4) [U]Visible Text:[/U][/B] This refers to the actual text on each page of your site. Depending on the amount of content on your site, it may be difficult to go back and add keywords to all of your pages initially, but doing it over time will continue to improve your results.

[B]5) [U]Alt Tags:[/U][/B] Alt is short for alternate, and is actually an attribute, though commonly referred to as a tag. This text will appear if the image cannot be displayed. While you should use it to describe the image, you can also add keywords after that.

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  • SERPs of major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing may include different types of listings: contextual, algorithmic or organic search listings, as well as sponsored listings, images, maps, definitions, videos or suggested search refinements.
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