GTK+ issues...

I get this runtime error
** Gdk **: _gdk_drawable_get_source_drawable: assertion `GDK_IS_DRAWABLE (drawable)' failed

I passed a GtkWindow to gdk_gc_new(drawable). I know this because of the [link=]callback[/link] from gtk's bug report thingy. Simple cast raises errors, and searching the documentation is just stressing me out more because i can't find answers...any help how to get a GdkDrawable from a GtkWindow?

EDIT: Okay, I'll give just a few more details in hope of some real help. I'm basically trying to set up a GdkGC (graphics context) so I can use gdk_draw_rectangle with two different colors (another color apart from the provided black, and i can't use white). If there is a simpler way to do it, please tell.
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