Multidimensional arrays

Hi guys

I am looking at the following array:

int intarr[2][2] = {{1,2},{3,4}};

When having initialized this, then what is the difference between

intarr + 1
&intarr[0] + 1
&intarr[0][0] + 2

I know the last is the address of the element '3', but what are the other two?



  • The tree result are the same for me.

    intarr is a pointer of type int[2], because you have 2 ints in a row. int has a 4 bytes length on my system (fedora 64bit), so one row is 8 bytes.

    intarr is the address of the array
    intarr + 1 is the base address + one row: the result is base+8
    intarr[0] + 1 is the same, intarr[0] = intarr with the same type of int[2], so the result is base+8
    intarr[0][0] + 2 is the first _int element_ of the array, not a _row (int[2])_. so the +2 means 2 * sizeof(int) not 2 * sizeof(int[2]), and it's 8 too, the result is the same: base+8

    Imre Horvath
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