WinCE mobile device as a server


We want to have a server on a WinCE mobile device to which a fixed client (having a static IP,provided by ISP) can connect to.

We have thought of doing in 2 ways
1. Get a fixed IP from the Internet Service Provider for this mobile device so that client knows whom to connect to.
2. Implement a VPN between these two entities. Initially mobile device will connect to the firewall at the client side using VPN client utility via ISP provided infrastructure, firewall will assign an IP from a pool of IP's (this way client can connect to the mobile server). Establish a VPN tunnel and client starts communicating with the mobile server.

Which one is the best option and feasible solution?These are my findings
1. First option (read from some forums) will be costly as we plan to have number of mobile devices as we intend to deploy more mobile device servers.
2. Second option is the viable one which some one in the same forum has suggested.

Now what is the available support in WinCE to have a VPN between a fixed client and a mobile server?

As far as I have understood VPN in WinCE is done through RAS and PPTP which is not possible as our WinCE device is a mobile one. And also there are issues with VPN for mobile devices wrt to connectivity so mobile VPN seems to be a feasible solution.

There doesn't seem to be enough WinCE doccumentation or user's experience for me to decide.

Anyone having similar experience in using such kind of set up?

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