MS DOS booted from Hard drive does not execute any .exe file

I am a 68-years old (still active) Neurosurgeon in Chennai, India - a die-hard-fan-and-avid-user (for over three decades) of MS DOS 6.22
with QBasic1.0, Foxpro DOS 2.5 a and Wordstar 4.0 for all my work except Internet for which I use my Windows machines.

At the end of every day I take a zipped back up of all transaction files of the day into a single 1.44 MB FDD and back them upto one
Windows PC via FDD and therefrom to other Windows PCs via USB Pen drive / CD / Network etc.,

Recently my 10 year old mobo in HP Brio BA 600 - started acting funny -weird messages about FDD not present, Keyboard not present etc., After sending the old mobo to service, I shifted the MS DOS ec., Hard disk to another mobo - Intel Desktop Board D915GAV - removing a pre-existing XP Hard disk leaving the old MS DOS as the only HDD.

MS DOS booted fine from the old HDD and did all internal commands like dir, type, copy etc but hung up on all .exe files - internal lke scandisk and externals like qbasic.exe, fox.exe, foxpro.exe etc.,

I then booted from a DOS Boot Floppy and now all .exe files worked fine, except the inevitable time-lag of the processor looking up in the slower FDD each time I gave a command fom the command line or via MS DOS Batch files.

I then used in the FDD to transfer the system to the HDD's Boot C: drive. Now in the FDD and the C: on the HDD had the same size and date stamp. Yet when I rebooted fom the hard drive - cold and hot, the .exe files did not work and the system hung!

FDD and HDD have the same version namely MS DOS 6.22 and the has the same file size and date stamp in both of them! I even transferred the system from the FDD to the C: drive of the HDD. Yet booting from HDD loads DOS and gets me to the C:Prompt from where I cannot run ANY .exe file - scandisk, qbasic,foxpro etc., while booted from the FDD I have no such problem except that the execution of commands is very slow given the lower speed of FDD as against HDD and I am unable to copy my files in the HDD - even the simple ones to the FDD which is the booter. How long and how far to depend on the unreliable FDD and its media?!

Some more details:

The exe files are in the root of C as well as different directories with a path statement in autoexec.bat pointing to their location.

Anyway the Floppy boot runs all exe files and I have transferred the system -, io.sys and msdos.sys to the hard disk also - the
file sizes and date stamp in the hard disk and boot FDD are the same. Yet exe files do not work with a hdd boot!

I groped in Intel's Website for help since the present mobo is Intel Desktop Board D915GAV. But Intel Live chat told me " I apologize but
this motherboard has reached its End of Interactive Support and in the other hand MS-DOS is not longer supported ".

Is that the saddening death knell on my 30 years' sojourn with MS DOS 6.22?

I have taken this up with many web-based forums - Strollin and glc of PCMech Forums have been a great help - Read the thread 'MS DOS booted from Hard drive does not execute any .exe file even from outside' in PCMech Forums.

But not being a SW Developer myself, I am yet to see, despite their generous help, the proverbial Christopher Columbus shippie boy - PeyePeye was he?!- - on the deck of the ship Nina/Pinta/Santa Maria - showing him and his murderous companions wanting to end the voyage a bird hovering high up in the sky as indication that the oceanic shore -the target of their tedious search for spice-rich "India" was nearby!

This is how I felt when I reached MS DOS Forum in Programmers Heaven! a manna from the sky!

I have tried DOS BOX and many other DOS emulators in my XP machines but I would like to keep my fossilised companion - DOS machine - which has worked for me for over thirty years - going too! After all OLD IS GOLD!

I feel I am in full control while on the DOS machine!

Dont' we feel dummified when using GUI - Windows etc.,"

Que ve la! Are you there MS DOS Nerds' Community??! You are my God-sent Saviours!!

Heard my desperate SOS to save my 3-decades-old marriage with good old MS DOS 6.22?!

Can ANY Good Samaritan help me with this issue Plssssssssssssssssssss?!

Googol Thanx in advance!

Prof.Dr.K.Loga muthu krishnan, MBBS.,MS(Gen).,MCh(Neuro).,PhD(Neuro).,FRCS(Edinburgh).,FRSM(London).,

Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon,

Old 64, New 25, Fourth Street,

Old 45, New 60, First Main Road (aka First Avenue) East, F Block,

Near Chinthamani Supermarket,

Anna Nagar East,

CHENNAI- 600 102.

Tamil Nadu.




Email IDs: ///

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