asm assignment

Hi guys,

I've been given an assignment that involves using asm and im completly lost as ive never come across this language before!

The assignment involves reading a 1MB data array from memory, compressing the file using the PackBits compression scheme and sending it to another computer through the serial com port (using RS232). Ive got a book on asm by kip irvine but this seems quite an advanced text and is doing more to confuse me than help!

If anyone one has any info/advice on the best way of tackling this id really appreciate their input.



  • That's quite an assignment...

    Dos/windows/*nix/mac platform?
    Real mode or protected mode?

    Packbits is a type of RLE compression and is pretty easy.
    RS-232 UART COM port programing sucks! You're gonna have to write 2 programs. One for the sending computer and one for the recieving... but I'm no good with COM port programming...

    This sounds like about 1,000 lines of code to me. Wish you luck.
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