Need help extending a python script for a mod

Hi everyone,
I'm (as you can see) very new to this board. Though I am a settled member ( at the Total War Center Forums ( This is a community that is based around modifying (or modding) Total War games - to those of you unfamiliar, the game developers present many of the files in .txt format, allowing people to change them as they will. TWC facilitates the publishing of this material, and is endorsed by members of the Creative Assembly (the team that develop the Total War games) to the extent that they have in the past released modding toolkits for some of the unknown file types.
With the release of one of the latest games, Empire: Total War, CA have moved to using their own filetypes for models. One of these is called variant_weighted_mesh - it is used to store the games 3-d models. A converter was made (using Python) recently by one of my fellow community members, but s/he has since become inactive. What I ask someone here to do is this:
Could someone extend the tool to another, very similar, file format? The tool author has stated in the past (repeatedly) that the other file format was very similar. In fact, s/he had an Alpha version in development, but said it wasn't yet ready for public use. The tool simply converts the variant_weighted_mesh into a file readable by Milkshape, a modeling program.
This is obviously a volunteer job, but the entire modding community of TWC would be very grateful if this could be done! I can provide the current working version, information on the files, and sample versions of all files necessary.

I have a large team currently assembled ready to transform Empire: Total War from an 18th Century game to one set in Roman times. This task has been described as impossible, but we have our research done - we know that this converter, and this alone, stands in the way of one of the biggest mods for this game ever being released. I can provide an email address if necessary, and I have an IM so contact is no problem for me.

Please, show us that our dreams can be realised!

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