problem with MTOM who need wso2 php and axi2 work together

hi, I've got a big problem for a week.
I use a java axis2 client to consume a webservice which is written by wso2 php, client need to upload and download files from the server. And because of some reason, i found the

can not pass the validator of the constructor of axis2. It can not pass the validator of eclipse 3.5 neither. So i have to use :

to make axis2 works.

now i have tried to build a webservice use the service.wsdl by java, and use the client to consume it. it works fine. But whe n I try to reconstuct the same webservice by php, ()with the script wsdl2php.php to generate the webservice, i always got a parse error in the log of server.

I take a loot in the tutorial, you have said "you have to use a WSMessage instance to represent payload" that means i can not use some object to present the attachement? like

class base64Binary {

* @var string
* NOTE: contentType should follow the following restrictions
* Your length of the value should be
* Greater than 3
public $contentType;

// The "value" represents the element 'binaryData' value..

// You need to set only one from the following two vars

* @var Plain Binary
public $value;

* @var base64Binary
public $value_encoded;

that will not work?
So how can i make them work together?
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