Date Problem,its urent

I am just trying to find the TO date.TO date is actually 5 years (or 4 yrs 11 months 30 days)to the "From "Date

ex:1/jan/2000 will give 30/Dec/2004

07/jan/1998 will give 05/jan/2003

how can get this value
i tried dateadd function but not gettinng correct result.i dont know is it because of leap year.can u give me a solution


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    To add that amount of time to your Date Object use:

    Dim Date1 As Date = CDate("1/1/2000")
    Date1 = Date1.AddYears(4)
    Date1 = Date1.AddMonths(11)
    Date1 = Date1.AddDays(30)

    If your result is off by 1 or 2 days, then you are probably right that a Leap year is messing with your result.

    View the "psuedo code" section of this article: to get an idea on how you can check if a year is a leap year. You can add more days in cases that you pass over a Leap year...

    NOTE: If you do (Date.AddYear()) it will add 365 days on non-leap years and 366 days on leap years...
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