Lovely Tiny Console GS - console shell, encrypter and hasher

Hello, I wrote program - Lovely Tiny Console GS, here its description -

"Lovely Tiny Console GS - program - shell of the console and encrypter, decrypter and hasher of files. It has ergonomic, functional and customizable interface, lets work with console with mouse, remembers commands, has function Quick Directories, shows and remembers current directory and is able to work with following code pages - 850, 866, 1250, 1251 and 1252.
The other function of LTC GS is the ability to encrypt, decrypt and hash files. For encryption-decryption following algorithms are used - Raiden, modified XTEA and program's own LTCC. For hashing - MD5, CRC and program's own - LTCH. Also, program is able to hash files with salt - it is special string, that is added to the file's digest, the result of this addition is hashed then again and new digest is almost impossible to fake.
There is ability to Drag and Drop files on main console window and encrypting and hashing forms - program will automatically process them all. And besides of that - LTC GS has many other functions."

Here its page - .

It will be useful for those, who compile from command line, and for those, who need to use console during the work. Program is commercial, but there is free less functional version.
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