Template CMS - my small CMS :)


Several days ago I wrote a mini CMS for small sites, satelites, personal homepages.

[b]Template CMS 0.8 Features: [/b]
- Easy to install, use and update
- Easy administration interface.
- Multilingual interface administration. (English, Russian +)
- Minimum requirements for web hosting (without sqlDB only PHP)
- Keywords and description for each page and for all.
- Easy page editor (WYSIWYG).
- Create a backup of the site.
- Ability to change themes.
- Friendly URLs.

[b]Demo:[/b] [link=http://ttemplatecms.xtreemhost.com/en/]http://ttemplatecms.xtreemhost.com/en/[/link]
[b]Admin:[/b] [link=http://ttemplatecms.xtreemhost.com/en/admin.php]http://ttemplatecms.xtreemhost.com/en/admin.php[/link]
[b]Password:[/b] demo

[b]Download:[/b] [link=http://rghost.ru/2001105]Template CMS 0.8[/link] (735 kb.)

[b]Some pictures of admin panel[/b]



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