Windowed Mode Problem


I have a game. This game running in full-screen mode. It also does not allow me to do the alt-tab or other keyboard combinations. And when I try to force the game to run in window mode using D3DWindower or dxwnd, the game suddenly crashes and displays an error message. Where is the error message refers to a file that is i3GFxDx.dll.

After I browse the file and do a little investigation, I get a litle answers, that it seems these DLL files control the game and DirectX, so the game can only run in full-screen mode. I tried to do a litle trick on the file so that games can run with window mode but still no luck.

I'm trying to get answers from forum to forum regarding this issue. And that became my question is, Which routine in the file that caused games to crash? Below I include the file. Thank you for your help and ideas from you all.
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