Serial Port Communication through weigh scale machine

Hi Experts!!

I am using this serial port object first time in my application. My front end is and the back end is MySQL.

So the program is to capture the data i.e. the weight from the weigh scale machine and display in my software application. So for that i am using the serial port controller from 2005 and opening the same during my form load event. So when i reach to that form where i need to capture the weight i click on the capture button and caputure the weight and when my application termintaes thats the time when i close my serial port. In short i open the serialport when the software runs and closes the same when its end.

During this time the capturing takes place properly meaning i could see the data. But when the time i switch off the weigh scale machine in between and switch it on again and start my software that time it doesnt capture the wait at all.

What might be the problem of this... can anyone please help me over this?????????

waiting for the reply from any one.


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    I'm guessing that when you switch the Scale off it loses it's connection with the computer. If you want to resolve this, I would add a "Reconnect to Scale" button on your form which forces the Serial connection off and re-establishes it. There may be no way for your software to know that it lost it's connection with the scale.

    I capture scale data in a Custom Shop Floor inventory system. It uses a "thread" (similar to a timer) to repetitively check the connection status of all of our connected RS232 devices and re-establish connections to them, or retrieve the data that they have scanned/weighed. That's how we are handling it, but it may not be practical in your situation.

    Hope that helps,
    Sean C - forum mod
  • Thanks for your reply!! But regarding losing the connection i know. I close my application and start when the weighing is switched on. But its not still capturing inspite of making a new connection and opening the port.

    But one more think when i try to use the other scale machines it works properly. When i switched it on or off it works fine.

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