Pulling time from online servers thru VB.NET


My requirement is to pull time from TIME SERVERS through .NET code to avoid time manipulation in my project which needs to record time for users when they start particular task and system clock can be changed to record wrong timings. I need to pull this time in IST.

I was able to get some links but unable to write codeThe links are:
[link=http://www.nist.gov/physlab/div847/grp40/its.cfm]NIST Internet time service[/link]
[link=http://tf.nist.gov/tf-cgi/servers.cgi]NIST Internet Time Service clock[/link]
[link=http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_IN.aspx]Current local time in India[/link]

One of the above link has source code of windows utility in C# which I am not familiar with. We can just get the code from the utility that just queries the server and then use the time. We have to make the application to randomly choose a server from a list of servers if you have query lots of times as they deny requests if queried multiple times in a period.

Please help me with sample code.

[b]CROSS POSTING: I have also posted this same question in this VBDOTNETFORUMS in "Windows Forms Discussion Thread" too.[/b]
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