Porting a game

So i have this game that i want ported to my TI84 plus so i can play it on there but i would like it to be an app or mirage file. if anyone is interested in this project (i have no experience at all with any form of asm and have no money, so the only thing i can offer is a big thanks for the help in the game and readme) please post contact information or make me a buddy or whatever you do seeing as i am new to this page and i will send you the copy of the game so you could see if it is even possible to do, and if you need me to i could explain it a bit on here but i don't really like typing. BTW if you do end up making the game seeing as i don't know how to edit let alone create an asm game from anything give yourself credit for the porting and me (undermark5) and my brother (efelant12)(no that is not a typo that is how he spells it) credit for the creation of the original game and concepts and all of that stuff


  • [color=Blue]You are using which language 4 it?[/color]
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  • i was wanting it to be for my ti 84 so it would need to be Z80 assembly or idk what apps for my calculator are in but it is a form of assembly but what i would rather is it being a program for mirageOS idk what that is in but im also sure of it being assembly

    BTW i don't know anything about assembly so i was hoping that someone was willing to do it for free because like i said i don't really have any money and i don't really offer any services i mean i could make a game for them but that is kinda time consuming but then again porting this game would be time consuming as well so i guess that is what i could do for whoever ported the game for me
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