Python Programming help please

Hi there,

I got this txt file with following contents:

My Glossary

The above text is saved in test.txt file.

I need to write a python script that would load the above file as list of strings. I then need display only the text from to in python.

If anybody can help me please with the code. I've tried searching a lot on net but haven't found anything.

Thank You


  • [code]
    import re

    name_block = re.compile('(?P.*)')

    def get_name_block():
    #open the file for reading
    file_name = "test.txt"
    f = open(file_name, 'r')

    #look through it one line at a time
    name_block = ""
    search_result = None
    for l in f:
    search_result = name_block.match(l)
    if search_result:
    name_block = search_result.groups[0]
    return name_block

    That will have a problem if ... spans over multiple lines, because "for l in f" pulls one line at a time. In that case, no one line would ever match the regex. Hope that works for you!

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