Looking for co-developers for a Browser-Based MMORPG!

Hi all,

I am developing a semi-text based MMORPG (a text-based game with isometric combats) named Anvilglint Chronicles, which is nearly complete and is currently in playable beta stage.
However, I am looking for help in content development and some other areas, as MMORPG by itself is just too much for a single person. :)

A complete list of staff that I am looking for can be found here:

If you're interested please do not hesitate to send me an email to contact@anvilglint.com ;)

At the moment the project is private and non-commercial, but if we manage to finish it together I am sure it will become much bigger than that. ;)

Many thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you!

- Loellingite
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