help with updateing an application after a webservice has been updated


I had an applicatoin build around autogenerated code buildt by Axis 1.3. The webservice was made by Remedy 6.4(I think). Remedy was upgradet to 7,5, and because of this the WSDL provided changed.

This is an old project, and noone that created the code is around to ask, so I hope that someone here can help:)

The old project has 4 wsdl files.


The code that was generated had a main folder "NDU_Oppdrag", and 4 subfolders, GetList, holders, OpGet, OpSet.

When I connect to the new WSDL to generate, I use Axis2, and the wsdl2code-maven pluggin. Here I have tried most options, but I can't seem to get the same structure as the old generated code. I only have 1 WSDL file, and all the generated code ends up in one folder. The old generated code ahad alot of *porttype* files, but these are none excisting in the new code.

I am confused why there are 4 wsdl files in the old project, while I only have 1 now. I'm also not sure why the generated code is so very different, seeing that the new wsdl file and NDU_Oppdrag.wsdl are very similar.

I'm very new to webservices, so any pointers explaining anything would be great:)

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