Missing Value Imputation


I am working for a company which have their count data for customers. This data is for each day. Also there are two different counts for different classes. But the problem is that the counts for each day is not available and mostly data for classone is missing. But this count is necessary since company want to forecast the demand for the future. I started working on the algorithm part of Matlab and used the followinf syntax, but could't do it properly.

newfts = fillts(oldfts, fill_method)
newfts = fillts(oldfts, fill_method, newdates)
newfts = fillts(oldfts, fill_method, newdates, {'T1','T2',...})
newfts = fillts(oldfts, fill_method, newdates, 'SPAN', {'TS','TE'},
newfts = fillts(... sortmode)

I have information scattered in the following columns:
Date Code Countone Countsecond time

Date: Date on which the count is made
Code: code of product
Countone: Count for class one
Countsecond: Count for class second
Time: This will be the time at which the service was used.

Please note: The company has several range of products and one product is used by several customers at one point of time so the excel sheet available with me look as follows:
Date Code Countone Countsecond Time
24-05-09 ABC NAN 298 5:30
24-05-09 PQR 34 251 8:30
24-05-09 JHK 5 28 13:20
24-05-09 NJE 26 NAN 15:30
25-05-09 THJ 54 41 2:30
25-05-09 LOU NAN NAN 8:30
25-05-09 PIU NAN NAN 11:20
25-05-09 LIS NAN NAN 15:30
and so on

The data available with me is for 15 weeks

Please let me know which algorith will be useful. I tried making some but i always got error. Any help will be great.

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