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I have started a job where I need to understand some C++/CLI code another person has written with Visual Studio in order to port the code to another language ( either C# or Java). I am a relative newbie in Visual Studio and C++/CLI stuff so if I am asking an "easy" question bare with me.

The problem is this, I have created a new project from existing code with Visual Studio 2008 Pro and when I try to build it I get notifications that a file called stdafx.h is missing. From what I understand this file is something Visual Studio creates automatically? Nowhere in the code files I have is there such a file in existence. If I comment this header file out from the various source files, I am left with a gazillion of error messages such as:
error C2039: 'Xml' : is not a member of 'System'
error C2871: 'Xml' : a namespace with this name does not exist
Is there an easy way to bypass the problem? Can I get the stdafx.h file from somewhere, ie. is it a standard file OR was it created dynamically when the person in charge of this code was writing his code. I am not sure whether I can get the coders original stdafx.h file if indeed the file is still around, since he is no longer with the company. Or did I perhaps do some mistake when creating the project from the existing code?

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  • I managed to circumvent the problem, although I am not sure what exactly I did right. I created a new clr console program, then copied the source/header files one by one into it. This did the trick. The stdafx.h file was created automatically in the new project and it is empty. Everything works like a charm, so I guess I made a mistake when I created the project directly from the source files earlier.
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