WINCE Software Watchdog ?

I am new to WINCE and would appreciate some help in a simple software watchdog solution using VB.NET ( My current Wince device does not support a Hardware Watchdog timer)

I am using a console application to launch my main CE Forms application so that I can have a handle on the main application to check its progress, if it closes for any reason, this will then cause a reboot using KernelIoControl Lib "coredll.dll". - This works fine.

Once my simple console application launches the main program - it simply loops in a Thread Sleep and increments a counter, after a certain count value say approx 10 seconds it will then cause a reboot unless the main application "somehow" resets this count to zero.

My problem is that I need a method or a fast way that the main application can signal to this console application (or the console application can check a flag in main application) to reset this count (or via a flag) at regular intervals which is generated from a Timer running in the main application.

I assume I will need to use some kind of pinvoke API to do this ? - but I am unsure of what is the best and fastest, cleanest way to do this?

Thanks in advance


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