Create MSI installer from existing EXE installer


My question is how to create MSI installer from an existing EXE installer.

Till now I have been used Inno Setup program for installers, which is very good, but the generated EXE can be run only with administrative rights (on Windows operating system).
There are a few MSI creator applications, I have tried, but I could not really use any one of them.
[u]For example:[/u]
- [link=]Exe to msi converter[/link]: There is still the same problem.
- [link=]Advanced Installer[/link]: The EXE installer was unable to convert to MSI. While ISS files are possible to import, but it really only imports the files copying. My installer includes a lot of programmed parts, what I should write again.

My English is not too good but I hope you understand me.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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