trim function code help

hi guys

can someone help me with a function code that i can use to replace the trim function. i'm working on a project that requires me to use all other excel functions except for the trim function and yet i need to remove both trailing and leading spaces from a cell.
i'm fairly new at vba.

all help will be extremely appreciated
thanks in advance


  • Well, let's say you have 50 leading spaces.... to a 4 letter word. So 50 spaces and then "$h*t". Len(yourWord)=54. You could have something recursively call itself if the first (or last) character is a space.

    So, thisFunc(yourWord) would see
    If Left(yourWord,1) = " " Then
    ElseIf Right(yourWord,1) = " " Then
    thisFunc = yourWord
    End If

    Haven't tried this, but this is the basic idea. basically, if the first or last character is NOT a space, it's good to go. Otherwise, take off the space you find (beginning or end) and put it through the test again. One of the great examples of recursion creating (complex) simplicity.
  • if you want to access the contents of your cell, myCell.Value in place of yourWord. Also, without using a UserDefinedFunction thisFunc, you can use a Do While loop.

    myTrimmingVar = Cells(1,1).Value
    ' Or
    'myTrimmingVar = Range("A6").Value

    Do While Left(myTrimmingVar,1) = " "
    myTrimmingVar = Right(myTrimmingVar,Len(myTrimmingVar)-1)

    Do While Right(myTrimmingVar,1) = " "
    myTrimmingVar = Left(myTrimmingVar,Len(myTrimmingVar)-1)

    Should give you similar results without the Function.
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