How to read HDD's Partition Table & FAT using Visual C++ 6.0?

Hi everybody! Need [b][italic][u]urgent help[/u][/italic][/b] with reading Partition Table & FAT. I have a program written on Borland C++ (3.1 or 5). VC++ compiler shows following errors:
1)error C2079: undefined datatype (for [b]REGS[/b] and [b]SREGS[/b] types);
2)error C2065: undeclared identifier (for [b]FP_OFF[/b], [b]FP_SEG[/b] and [b]int86x[/b] functions).

Is there some analogical technologies in Visual C++, which I can use to solve this problem in WinXP?

Thanks a lot for any information.
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