Hey, total newb here. This is pretty much the last thing I wanted to do, but suggestions are cool.
I have decided I want to be able to gain access to places I am not supposed to in the digital world. Not a hacker per say, as it seems the term is now days diluted to little meaning in the eyes of beginners such as myself.
I'm interested mostly in network penetration and data collection: not for trivial matters such as money, but much more "noble" pursuit.
So I have downloaded tons of reading material, Hacking Exposed, Steal This Computer Book, The Art of Intrusion, etc...
Many things have come to light and I have decided where to start. I am going to completely revamp my old PC to run a Linux operating system and turn that madafuka into a ghost, then go from there. I realize I could go about doing it other ways, but I want to start the game with a save base..
It hurts me to ask and I know it is an all to common question, but which Linix distro should I start with? I am literally a beginner in pretty much every aspect, no real skills. So I am looking for something that will really help me learn a lot, like which systems could I learn the most from? Sorry to bother, but your help would be very much appreciated.


  • Alright, my impatience got the best of me while waiting for a reply. I found some suggestions through out the site on a few threads that Mandrake was pretty decent for beginners. Looked it over and it seems pretty tight. Sorry for wasting your time and the double post.

    Promise I'll be around though, this sites the bomb. Really helpful.
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