level correction of images in c#

Can any one help me please.....
I am looking for a sample applicaton with source code or project in which i can do Level correction of images.i hope one must be familiar with it. for refrence u can find it easily in any photoshop software,say Adobe photoshop.

i did a lot of search but unfortunately i cant find.
plz just take a look on software like "apexImaging system","iplab".there u wil get better understanding of level correction.there u will find two slide bars in which 1st is input levels and 2nd is output levels in which they are playing with RGB channels.by moving the slide bars the 1st slider play with foreground intensity and 2nd slider play with background intensity or something like that.in short it is doing leveling of brightness contrast and gamma and something with rgb.
u can refer here http://www.digibird.com/primer2dir/primer2.htm for more details and understanding.

Any help or guide on how to proceed or where to research on or where to get similar algorithms will be helpful. I am totally new to image processing. I worked on many C# projects but this is most challenging to me.
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