Why is this?

It's very hard to type on this site cuz the
ads get in the way of the box.

Why can I go into C++ Builder and go into File -
New - Other - and then hit Console Wizard and
then you're looking at window that says Unit1.cpp
and you can type your source code in there and
compile it and it runs just fine.

But if you do the same thing but this time click
on CPP File and then type your code in there it
won't work.

And when I close down C++ Builder and go into Open
Project and then highlight the name of my project
and then click open it says "This file is used
by the Project Manager only and should be treated
like the Project File."

Are you not supposed to open a Project File in
C++ Builder? You can only open a .CPP Source
File? If that is true why is there an Open
Project in the File Menu?
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