using images to appear "animated"

I'm working on making a set of 11 images look like an "animation" using a new array, onmouseover/onmouseoff, and a timer. I want the guy to start "bouncing" on the mouse over, and to stop on the mouse off.

This is what I have, which doesn't even begin to work:

var jackhammers = new Array(11);
var timerID = bouncingOccurs;
var counter = 0;
var start;

jackhammers[0] = "jackhammer0.gif";
jackhammers[1] = "jackhammer1.gif";
jackhammers[2] = "jackhammer2.gif";
jackhammers[3] = "jackhammer3.gif";
jackhammers[4] = "jackhammer4.gif";
jackhammers[5] = "jackhammer5.gif";
jackhammers[6] = "jackhammer6.gif";
jackhammers[7] = "jackhammer7.gif";
jackhammers[8] = "jackhammer8.gif";
jackhammers[9] = "jackhammer9.gif";
jackhammers[10] = "jackhammer10.gif";

function bouncingOccurs()
if (bouncingOccurs)
bouncingOccurs = setInterval("bounceman()",90);

if (counter=11)
counter = 0;
counter = counter +1;
document.getElementsByTagName("theMan")[0].src = jackhammers[bouncingOccurs].src;

function mover(img)
document[jackhammers].src = theMan.src;
function mouseOut(img)
document[jackhammers].src = theMan.src;

Watch that Jackhammer Man GO!


Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!
And I apologize up front - I just started doing this and am totally clueless.

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