Software development required for Mobile phone Tasbeeh.

Tiny project for software development required for Mobile phone [b]Tasbeeh[/b][b][/b],which can be used cost free by any one and surely we shall be rewarded by ALLAH/GOD.

An add on software development required for mobile phone for Muslims to worship ALLAH/GOD, keeping record necessary counts.

There should be atleast 21 memories,which can be grouped/named (eleven alphabets) along with date auto insert.

The counts should be auto saved in their respective group/names while answering or making calls and may be started from left.

The counts may be done by pressing any selected key by user.

The counter may have 7 digits.

If possible to keep time record with counts of each session, with total counts of related group/name.

I am sure my friends can finalize this tiny project, for which I shall be thankful.

Muhammad Nasir Shamsi

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