What are advantages of using Turbo C?

I'm Sami A. Shabah. I am a student of IUT. I want to know the advantages of using Turbo C.
Any reply will be appreciated.
Sami A. Shabah
St. no:091402,MCE,IUT


  • [color=Blue]Turbo C is an old compiler for MS-DOS. Very few serious businesses using DOS these days. The compiler however, contains a nice Help System into the C language (with code samples) and also all help for the libraries that compiler uses.

    No advantage at all.

    You can get the Visual C++ for free and it is much better then Turbo C and allows writing programs for Windows - both console and GUI type of programs.

    However, in 1990 or so - I was using Turbo C to make some serious code for military and it brought me a few dollars! :-)[/color]
  • AFAIK the only people on planet Earth that still use Turbo C are in India. Why in the world do India's universities ROB their students of decent education is beyond me. They are teaching their students the wrong way to program computers by requiring them to use an ancient comiler that has not been used in businesses for at least two decades now. I know students in India are among the smartest in the world and they diserve a better education than they are getting there.
    never lie -- the government doesn't like the competition. (Author unknown)
  • [color=Blue]Wow! Nice to see (or read) you again, [b]stober[/b]![/color]
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