delphi 2010 and tclientsocket problems

dose anyone know if delphi 2010 has a bug with tclientsocket as i been trying to sort a socket app and everytime i got to connect to server it will not and i get Asynchronous socket error 10060 from client.

anyone have any idears?

DM.VedosClientSocket.Address := '';
DM.VedosClientSocket.Host := 'localhost';
DM.VedosClientSocket.Port := 6060;
DM.VedosClientSocket.Active := True;



  • This happens when there is a problem communicating with the server, most likely the server is in-accessible. Unfortunately, that popup error message is nearly permanent, the error event doesn't catch and hide it. Instead, you need to go into the client socket's 'OnError' event and say:

    if ErrorCode = 10060 then ErrorCode:= 0;

    This catches and stops that message from appearing.
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