Calculated Columns in Type Dataset (VS 2005)

Hi there. I've been into C# for a while and for my atonishment I'm stuck in the most absurd thing:

1)I'm using VS 2005 and a Type Dataset( C# AND WINFORM)
2)I add two tables (Parent and child) with the proper relation
3)I add a calculated column in the child table with the following expression (Parent.[columnname])to retrieve data from the Parent table

4)At run time the calculated column returns just only null vale.

I don't really know what's wrong generating calculated columns with Type dataset.I use to create almost the bussiness logic in code but need to develop fast this time. I don't have problem when I approach the same "in the fly".

Is there some trick with the strong type dataset I'm missing?. I've try modifying the relation between tables and it seems this isn't the problem.


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