a required privilege is not held by the client on Win7

I developed an application on XP machine using Visual C++ 6.0. In that to save a file i had hard coded the location & name of the file as "C:log.txt". It worked fine.
Now I moved to Win7 environment and executed the same application. It throws up the error message "a required privilege is not held by the client" when I try to create, or modify and save the log.txt file in C:.

I am using 'CFile' class object for my operation. Now I want to change the location of the file to some folder which can be accessed even without admin privileges. This I want to do programmatically by changing the application on VC++ 6.0 on XP machine.

Please let me know what functions I should use and how to read the folder location dynamically. Please help me resolving this issue.

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