Please? I need a good advice.

I plan to make a scheduling software for a school project. it targets the schedule making for college subjects but the problem here is that I am quite new to VB.NET. i plan to make it in grid design which is very similar to this one

i wish someone can help me go through this. :(


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    [code]i wish someone can help me go through this.[/code]
    I can relate with that. I often wish the same exact thing.

    There are many ways to approach a solution for this project. However, there is likely a limited amount of ways that you would be able to code yourself or understand at all. In fact, if you are trying to directly replicate what the Telerik control is doing, that is moderately difficult, not something I would suggest as a project to someone who is quite new to VB.Net.

    If you want to design a scheduling software for a School Project, something that isn't going to be used by a client, but rather that you will be graded on.... Trust me and forget about trying to make it fancy. Even in the real world of programming, usability and look-and-feel are often sacrificed for the sake of shipping a product.

    In regards to helping you through this, here's what I suggest:
    Take some time to think about all of the parts you will need to make this possible... That is the first step a programmer takes, conceptualizing the solution mentally. The majority of programming is simply problem solving.
    After you have a feeling for how you'd do it, write down on paper the Form's you'd need and break out what kind of objects or functionality each Form should have (like, 10 text boxes,a save button, cancel button, etc).
    Now that you have a simple checklist on paper, start tackling the pieces you see as "critical to success", which will probably be the form in which you are able to add/remove scheduled items.

    If you cannot come up with a solution this way, then no one out there is going to be able to help you solve it, instead they will just be doing the work for you.

    You'll find an utter lack of people out here on Programming Forums who are willing to help write code for you, or create solutions. Especially if you tell them "This is a school project" (most forums I've been on won't even respond to you if you say that, how do you learn if someone else does the work for you?).

    When you run into a situation that you cannot solve, like code that is crashing or that is running but acting very oddly and you simply cannot figure it out, then post specific questions including your Broken Code, and I and most other forums would gladly help you.

    -Sean Campbell
  • thanks i think I'll listen to that :)
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