OpenPrinter() error.

I'm writing a little Qt application (mingw) that prints to a Dymo label printer with two sets of labels (a "Left" paper source and a "Right" paper source). As the paper sources are 'non-standard', I'm not able to select them with the Qt framework, and I'm not able to send raw data directly to the printer to send the ESC codes to switch labels.

I found an example of how to directly send the data to the printer ("RawDataToPrinter"), but when it gets to statement OpenPrinter(...) the linker emits the error "undefined reference to 'OpenPrinterW@12'.

I can see the definition of OpenPrinterW(..) in winspool.h, but have no idea where the '@12' comes from.

Any ideas?



  • [color=Blue]You need to tell linker to use winspool.lib in a list of inputs. The value after '@' is a number of bytes taken by function parameters. OpenPrinter take 3 values of 4 bytes each - comes to 12 bytes.[/color]
  • Thank You !
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