Problem with Writing to TextFrame in OpenOffice Text Documnet


I placed a TextFrame control on newly created .odt text document..
I'm able to accessing the TextFrame(control what I placed in .odt document) but not succeeding in writing to it from my code.

Here is my code snippet:

Dim objDocument As XComponent
objDocument = objDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(PathConverter(FileNameSource), "_blank", 0, New PropertyValue(-1) {})

Dim xNamedFrames As XNameAccess = DirectCast(objDocument, XTextFramesSupplier).getTextFrames
Dim textFrames As String() = xNamedFrames.getElementNames()

Dim FrameName As Object = xNamedFrames.getByName("txtFrameEmpID")

I strucked from here in writing /inserting Some Database value into this Frame.

Could anyone help to resolve this?


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    Have you tried parsing the TextFrames() array to see if txtFrameEmpID is in there?
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