Zen Cart

First off let me say I am NOT a computer person, I muddle through until I figure things out. Im a nurse by profession but have chosen to open an online store. I have always wanted to open a store, with things as they are financially I figured I would start small with an internet store. That is were my frustration comes in, I went with a host company because 29/mo is easy to make back. The easiest part was signing up, from there im batting zero.
I have absolutely no programming experience so reading the manuals, well that would be like me giving a med surg book to a programmer.

I need simple help with Zen Cart, please keep in mind, Im an OLD nurse, computers were a thought of things to come for my generation.

Here is were I am having problems, as I said I opened an online store ( well I have the site it is not open at this time ) It started with lingerie, shoes and swim wear, I then decided to add additional products. Cant figure out how to add them, when I ask I am told to use the C panel and file manager?!?! YIKES.. here I thought it was all done at the administration site.. open C Panel and its as if Charlie Browns teacher is speaking to me "blah blah blah blah"

As for the site itself, it came loaded with the initial products, but I can not get the pictures to show..

Is there any one out there that knows anything of this wonderfully frustrating thing they call zen cart?! If so could you please help me out, my head is starting to flatten from all the walls I have ran into with this.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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