Problem sending Google map links via SMS

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to "force" a link from an SMS message to Google Maps to display the entire link. Let me explain with an example. If I send this link via email ",-071+46.5349+(MESSAGE+HEREIN)&iwloc=A&hl=en" it will bring up google maps and display the text bound within the parenthesis in a small popup window like it's supposed too. If I send the exact same link from a cell phone via SMS to an email or another SMS the address does not link the additional info bound within the parenthesis, it also only shows the address underlined up to but not including the first parenthesis. If I take that same email that doesn't work and reforward it back to myself the link works correctly. SO I guess my question is is there any way to force the the link by using any type of tags or formatting characters? Am I missing something here...because I'm totally stumped. Thanks.

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