Moving from SQL 2005 Express on VWDE on PC, to SQL 2005 on ISP server

Hi all,

I've uploaded my site to my ISP. It works fine locally on VWDE 2005, in that I can create users, assign them to roles, and control role access to website folders etc. Obviously this is all with SQL 2005 Express on my PC.

When I upload it to my ISP, where I have an SQL 2005 database with membership schema applied and user and password set-up, I receive an error saying it can't find the SQL Express database, is trying to find it in App_Data, and cannot create it. Obviously something in my app is still telling it to use a local Express database. I've tested my connection string both using a third party tester, and by copying it to a "blank" asp test site, and it connects to the database on the ISP server fine. The database is in a folder called 'data' directly off the root. I can't find anything obvious in the web.config file that points the app to App_Data or SQL Express, but then please consider the next paragraph!

IMPORTANT! I am not a developer or website designer. I've built my site by slow learning and research, and so please keep any responses relatively jargon-free and aimed at a lay reader!

I have attached my web.config

I've hunted round the web endlessly for a solution, most of which talk about using the correct connection string. Mine works, as I've tested it two different ways. I can only imagine I'm overlooking something fundamental in web.config that's confusing the app.

Any help would be very gratefully received.

Kind regards,



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