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I'm new to Matlab GUI and I have a question about loading data onto my figure files. I have attached an example program to illustrate what I am trying to achieve.

Ultimately, what I want to be able to do is to save data from a GUI onto a .mat file and have the GUI display the saved data whenever I open it again.

In the example program, I want to run Example_GUI_Part_1 and select a button from the button group and enter some text where it says 'Enter text:'. Whatever I enter will be saved to 'sampledata.mat'. Then when I press 'Next', Example_GUI_Part_1 will close and Example_GUI_Part_2 will open. When I press 'Back' on Example_GUI_Part_2, Example_GUI_Part_1 will open again. However, it will display the default values for the button selection and text. What can I do so the figure files display what is saved on 'sampledata.mat'?
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