time domain analysis from pressure sensor

i am now detecting the leak from pipeline. i am a very new user for matlab.

i am now facing some difficulties to do time domain analysis from the pressure sensor. i have already done for frequency domain analysis but still need to analyse with time domain.

here is my frequency domain analysis. pls help me how to write the code for time domain analysis. thanks to all.

directory = cd;
c = [0.0018441793 34.3574964587]; % stn-15
filelist = ls(['STN_15*.raw']);
allpressure =[];
fs = 1000;
for ii= 252:253
prid = fopen(char(filelist(ii,:)));
pressure = fread(prid, inf, 'int16');
allpressure = [allpressure; pressure];
t = linspace(0,length(allpressure)/fs,length(allpressure));

plot (t,allpressure);
xlabel('time (sec)');
ylabel ('pressure (psi)');
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