Help with basic c++ program

Hey there!
Please help me out... I'm having trouble with a program...

How do I write a program that would display a possible class period
schedule, given the following inputs:

* the length of a class period

* the time between class periods

* the hour the first period should begin (assume in the morning)

* The hour after which no more classes will be scheduled

(assume afternoon or evening)

For example, if the inputs were for 50 minute class periods
15 minutes apart, starting at 8 and stopping at 5
one would get a typical Schedule (the last is 4:40-5:30)


* given a current time (hours and minutes since midnight)
and an increment, advance time by the stated amount.

For example, adding the length of a period to its start time to
get its end time, and adding the spacing duration to the end of
one class gives the start time for the next.

* Given a current time (hours and minutes since midnight)
displays the time on the screen in the usual way.
E.g. 17 hours and 30 minutes at midnight shows up as "5:30 PM"

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