help with animation pending on cursor

I am trying to make a JS animation for my website.
What i want is wherever the user clicks the X,Y will be saved onto a tempX, tempY varible and as the user drags the mouse a X,Y line will follow the cursur, thus creating a box.(need help here)
whenever the user let's go of the drag the box stops and saves the x,y
so baicaly i want to make some code that will find the x,y of a square
I know how to find the current X,Y of just the mouse, but i need help with having js draw it on the screen.
can js do this? Where can i go to learn how to make JS animations?
thanks for any help :D


  • If you would still like to do this, I can help... First you will want to alert the x,y coordinates twice: on mousedown then on mouseup. Try that and let me know.
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