How do i create a simple port listener in Delphi?

Greetings all,
I've been programming local applications in Delphi quite awhile, but i only consider myself a so-so programmer... and i've never done

anything server based.
I also do a fair amount of web/PHP programming.

That said, i'm trying to create a small program i can run on my Windows IIS7 server that will listen to a specific port (say port 2010 for

argument's sake) for incoming packets/data strings, which i will then parse and run the proper PHP script to insert into my DB, email

people, etc...

But i think i can hack my way through doing most of the secondary functions if i just know how to do the initial "listening" part.

How do i listen to that port, and then take the string that was "heard" and do what i need to do. if i can just get to the point of

having that string in a variable i think i'll be ok.

Anyone know of a decent tutorial or sample code? i've been googling it for a bit, but haven't found something specific enough that i can

hack my way through it.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.
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